Stanislav Shekshnia

Stanislav Shekshnia is Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise and Co-director of the Leading from the Chair Programme at INSEAD. His research concentrates on leadership, leadership development and effective governance at emerging markets and organizations.


A senior partner at Ward Howell talent equity consultancy, Dr. Shekshnia is the author, co-author, or editor of 7 books, including Coaching: How to Manage Free People, The New Russian Business Leaders and Corporate Governance in Russia. He is also a Chair of board of directors of Russian Fishery and a board member at NLMK and NIS.



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Alexey Ulanovsky

Alexey Ulanovsky specializes in developing and consulting executives. He leads senior management team sessions, group coaching and leadership programs. He is also an associate professor in the Social Sciences Faculty of the Higher School of Economics.


Alexey has been one of the most active developers of Strengths Based Leadership in Russia. The methodology is based on the analysis and use of the strengths of leaders, teams and organizations. He also specializes in group communication and dynamics. He is the author of research and articles on conversation analysis of meetings and everyday communication. Alexey is taking part in the Chair Global Research Project INSEAD and is the author of more than 60 publications. He has extensive experience in developing and implementing modular training programs for managers and introducing Action Learning in companies.


Alexey completed graduate school at Moscow State University in 2006, having successfully defended his dissertation and subsequently combined applied organizational projects with teaching at Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics. He is a certified consultant under Linkage leadership programs and is a graduate of the Russo-French master’s program for psychoanalysis and business consulting at the Higher School of Economics and of a set of short-term programs on leadership and consulting. He has been invited to speak at practical, scientific, and business conferences, including international forums. For six years in a row (from 2011 to 2016), Alexey has been voted the best teacher at the Higher School of Economics in student polls. His clients include executive teams of major Russian and international companies.


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Veronika Zagieva

Veronika Zagieva is Head of Talent Equity Institute, an internal research and development division of the Ward Howell Group. Her research is focused on leadership development, CEO effectiveness, CEO succession, and board dynamics.


Veronika completed a number of research projects for INSEAD, the World Economic Forum, Forbes Russia, Forbes Kazakhstan, etc. At Ward Howell Group she also specialized in board searches, leadership development programs and consulting projects on board effectiveness and succession planning.


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